The St. John’s Pipers of Ocean Springs, MS

The St. John’s Pipers of Ocean Springs, MS


What The Band Is Doing Now

September - December, 2023

Dec 5

Fire Department Graduation. Courtyard Marriott Beachfront Gulfport, 2pm

Assemble & tune about 1 hour beforehand. Play in the colors and a very short piece as the colors exit. Vest, white shirt/black tie, black hose, plain glengarry.

Quinn, Eyler, Steve

Dec 10

Discover Christmas Parade, MS Gulf Coast, Ocean Springs, 2pm

Parade starts at the Yacht Club on Front Beach, follows Porter, Washington, Government and ends in front of OS Lumber. Vest or black pullover (depends on the weather), red polo shirt, black hose, plain glengarry.

St. John’s Pipers members TBA

Dec 16

National Wreaths Across America Day, Biloxi National Cemetery (VA), 10am. 

Assemble & tune before 10 am, expect 10:30 for a Lament, Amazing Grace. Uniform as discussed - red polo, black hose, plain glengarry. 

St. John’s Pipers members TBA


The Hub City Highlanders
The Hub City Highlanders

Highlands and Islands 2023 Festival

Pipers and drummers from four states assembled under cloudy but warm skies at the Annual H&I festival to play, have fun and generally hang out. Vendors sold pipes and accessories along with kilts, sporrans and general garb, as well as Scottish and Irish food and drink. Highland athletes demonstrated strength and skills, with hammer throw, caber tossing and sheaf toss, the girls showed they were just as competitive as the boys!

Pipe bands, featuring the Hub City Highlanders from Hattiesburg under P/M Matt Beale, created music all day, and the Clans educated visitors on their own history and roots. In the evening on the Saturday, Highland Reign, the Jollies and Red McWilliams led the enthusiastic audience in songs and dance, while the sun set over a very successful event. Sunday morning, we gathered the Clans for a piping parade and a Kirking of the Tartans service, and we celebrated our veterans as the heroes they are. Food was amazing, the hard work of the festival organizers was evident in how seamless these events appear.

For two glorious days, we celebrated being Celtic!

Harold and Bill C
Harold and Bill C

Order of St. Lazarus, Mississippi chapter Luncheon, 23 Sep 2023

Harold and Bill C played a medley prior to the meeting of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, Grand Commandery of the South, Mississsippi Chapter luncheon. The tunes played were Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree, Murdo’s Wedding, and Scotland the Brave reprise, then on moving indoors when the rain started, Corriechollie and Terribus, followed by Flowers of the Forest (Harold solo), the Dark Isle (Bill C solo), ending with Going Home. The banners of Canada’s Priory were on display as we proudly represented our affiliation to the Order in Mississippi. 

Harold and Bill C, M&HO of St Lazarus Grand Priory in Canada
Harold and Bill C, M&HO of St Lazarus Grand Priory in Canada
Quinn at Stennis Space Center for the 9/11 Ceremony
Quinn at Stennis Space Center for the 9/11 Ceremony

At the 9/11 Ceremonies at Stennis Space Center and Keesler AFB, 2023 - St. John’s Pipers respond!

Once again, we were busy supporting the bases in our region with pipers presenting our music and time to support 9/11 ceremonies. Pipers Quinn and Bill C were there to play for the numerous attendees who assembled to remember the day where innocent Americans were targeted in a terrorist attack that will never be forgotten. “Amazing Grace” was our tribute to the fallen and families whose lives were devastated in those fateful hours. We will never forget.

Margaritaville Casino 9/11 Tunnels to Towers Run, 9 Sep 2023

Tunnels to Towers 9/11 Run 2023
Tunnels to Towers 9/11 Run 2023

A fly-over of five law enforcement helicopters, Congressman Mike Ezell, a massed turn out of first responders of all stripes as well as over 800 runners and walkers heard our pipers and drummer play “Amazing Grace” following the National Anthem. Eyler on snare, Quinn, Harold and Bill C on pipes.

Quinn - 1st Place Winner for Bagpipe - Show Tunes
Quinn - 1st Place Winner for Bagpipe - Show Tunes

St John’s Pipers Competed at the Gulf Coast VA

August 31, 2023

Quinn and Bill C both represented the SJP group in the Gulf Coast VA Regional Creative Arts Talent Competition - and both put on such good performances they won First Place in each of their categories!

Their performances were recorded and will be submitted to a National competition. Winners of this national round will be awarded their prizes in our capital city - and may even be invited to perform!

Last year, Quinn placed THIRD in the Nationals. Not a bad performance for little old Ocean Springs Mississippi! 

Piping for pleasure 

We gathered for a group practice on Anzac Day (Doc is our Kiwi) and afterward enjoyed a meal and a dram.

The Biloxi Billfish Contest

St John's Pipers have been called upon for several years to perform at the closing dinner and awards ceremony for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic held every June at the Golden Nugget Casino and Resort in Biloxi. It is an honor and privilege to do this, and each year we look forward to assist.

Gulfport Fire Dept Honor Guard

We support the Gulfport Fire Department Honor Guard with piping for numerous events. We also have played for other departments, including Biloxi Police Department and the VA, supporting their ceremonial needs for many years. It is a singular honor to be a part of these amazing and dedicated professionals.

Law Enforcement Academy Graduations

St. John's Pipers perform at the opening of all Harrison County Law Enforcement Academy Graduation ceremonies. These are usually held quartery. We add a special pomp and circumstance as the graduates file in the auditorium. Piping has been associated with law enforcement since the days of the Irish immigrants in the 1860’s who originally gravitated to policing and fire protection because they were a large proportion of the hell's kitchen area of Manhattan during the initial waves of English (not British) colonisation of New York. The area was rough and difficult to police, and as the Irish gangs arose from the tumult, Irish police were hired as a bridge to monitor this community. Once established, with more than 25% of the force Irish or Scots, this acted as an entry path for future generations of celts to be hired, mentored and groomed for the job. They brought with them the kilt, drums and pipes of their Celtic heritage, a tradition which has persisted to this day.

New Pipers On Parade!

St Patrick’s Day Parade, Biloxi, 2023 - St.J P was there. “Play Low A…” Here, Doc tunes new piper Josh before setting the rest of the band in time for the parade.

Tunes played

Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree, Murdo’s Wedding, Scotland the Brave.

We sounded really good. Individual performances by our pipers before the March off included Corriechollie, Terribus, Pikeman’s March and the two retreats Green Hills and Battle is O’er.

Once released, we all went to Patio 44 as usual for beers and some tunes for the patrons. Thanks, Patio 44 staff! As always!

2022 Keesler AFB 9-11 Memorial

St John’s Pipers has sent a piper to this annual memorial tribute for the last 10 years. COL Christmas had the honor to play for the fallen in 2022. As a former Air Force and Army officer, piping for military ceremonies is in his blood. The formation heard “Flowers of the Forest”, “The Dark Isle”, and, during the remembrance portion of the ceremony, “Amazing Grace”. 

May 2022 - The Second Line Parade for Carl 2.0

The St John’s Pipers 2022
The St John’s Pipers 2022

The Ocean Springs community celebrating the life of Carl the Rooster with a party and a parade, and we were there to send him on his way..

The beloved bird was abducted and killed in April 2022.

The second line parade was held downtown in his honor. Bands played and people danced in front of the Twisted Anchor tattoo shop where Carl would spend most of his time.

P/Sgt COL. (Dr.) Bill Christmas